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  • tearobite:

    I know it has been awhile since I did a technique video, but I’m working on some things for you guys. Snippet of an test run for a video about heel kicks.


    This looks like fun even when it goes wrong :-)

    “when someone asked if a cartwheel apex jump was a) possible and b) legal, we set Brad to the task…”

    900 followers!!!! Sugoiii, we’ve gained so much more support since MRDWC. Help us get to 1000 by reblogging this!! Tell ur friends!

    Sorry that these gifs are taking ages. It’s just me (Malice) making them & just me managing the blog at the moment & on top of revision for final exams and training it’s getting p difficult! Giffing a special vid made by thejokerstolemyaddiction of Team Wales now.

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